What To Do During The Pandemic And Lockdowns?

It is already the 10th month of the pandemic. Most online resources had recommendations on what to do, what to see, and what to read. Most likely you’ve already seen dozens of lists of books on self-development, gigabytes of movies and TV series, music lessons (from jazz to punk rock), foreign language textbooks, TED lectures, Joe Rogan podcasts, hundreds of free courses, and virtual tours. The only thing that bothers us: who will need us so smart when the quarantine is over?

Of course, it is a joke. And in order for you to spend your quarantine with benefit, it is a good idea to start with something interesting to you. For example, you can play in an online casino and win some money. Check this Villento review to choose one that corresponds to your expectations. Or you can watch some great documentaries to have fun and profit at the same time.

5 documentaries to watch during the pandemic

  1. Jiro dreams of sushi

The story of Jiro, who started working at a sushi bar when he was nine. About 80 years have passed and he still works as a sushi chef. Currently in his own bar, which is hidden next to the parking lot in one of the office centers of Tokyo. Inside is a simple unpretentious design and only 10 bar stools. Oops, a small clarification: this restaurant is marked by three Michelin stars, and the local sushi is considered one of the most delicious in the world. A lifelong story of Zen and self-improvement.

  1. Exit through the gift shop

One could say only one sentence that would convince you to watch this movie: its director is Banksy. And the mysterious artist even appears in the frame – though his face is hidden and his voice is changed. The story itself tells us about Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in Los Angeles who dreamed of interviewing Banksy and eventually became a street artist himself with the nickname Mr. Brainwash (MBW).

  1. Home

The result of the joint work of wildlife photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and director Luc Besson. The film demonstrates the beauty of the planet and the effects of the destruction caused by human activities. The scars caused by industrial production, the consequences of wars, and environmental catastrophes reveal to the viewer the real situation on the planet.

  1. Songwriter

In the film, viewers have the opportunity to observe the process of creating the album Divide by Ed Sheeran – through the eyes of his cousin, who filmed the process. Maximum openness is provided. Together with Ed, the audience writes songs in a mini-studio on the bus, in his house, or on the ferry. This is where the story of the musician’s main hit from the album Divide – Shape of You is shown.

  1. Bukowski: Born into This

How to make a film about a writer whose main interest in life (well, except for literature) was alcohol? The answer is simple: put him a glass, turn on the camera, and let him talk. In the case of Charles Bukowski, this method works one hundred percent: you watch a documentary about him in one breath.

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