Adam Sandler Visits The 80s Again With Sci-Fi Gamer Comedy


Zeroes become heroes in Pixels.  Family friendly indeed is this classy pic from director Chris Columbus (Mrs.  Doubtfire). Be sure to check out this laugh-filled Sony Picture treat at Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C.

Nostalgia is in vogue big time as we follow the plight of three boys who become men whose childhood experience is put into play when planet Earth is faced with destruction.  Skills learned by Sam Benner, Ludlow Lamamsoff and Eddie Plant come to the rescue when their ability to excel at ancient first string video games are put to the ultimate test.

Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage shine as adults whose youthful abilities at playing Asteroids, Pac-Man  and other arcade games prove vital to the American administration when a strange alien force makes use of those ancient technologies to wreck havoc on global citizens.

Quick wit, keen eyes and fast quips keep things moving at a rapid clip. Fast fire jokes and great bits of cultural camp will appeal to oldies while the snazzy special effects will keep kids intrigued . Sparkling over the top dialogue and cute romantic exchanges with Michelle Monaghan add to Pixels’  broad appeal. Further  funny moments from Kevin James and some special cameo appearances lay siege to a wild ride and roaring good time here.