American Policy Of Containing China Failing Miserably


By Dr. Sawraj Singh

The expression “Penny wise and pound foolish” seems to be true in the case of American and western Victory in Libya. While the west is too busy in celebrating a highly questionable victory, they have lost influence in Asia in a big way. It will be no exaggeration to conclude that in the changing equations, china has gained the most. For all practical purposes, the American policy to contain China has failed.

I call the claim of victory in Libya highly questionable because it may prove as hollow as the Bush’s claim of victory in Iraq in 2003. The Victory in Iraq has turned into a miserable defeat. However, a defeat in Libya may prove much worse experience than Iraq. The African Union is very upset with the western role in Libya. This will push Africa more toward China. China already enjoys more influence there than the Western Countries.

As for Libya itself is concerned, the pro-western forces will not be able to hold on to power for very long. The NATO bombing was able to put them there by smashing the Gaddafi establishment. However, it can not help them to stay in power. Not only they have to face the pro Gaddafi forces, but also have to face the wrath of the Islamists, who are going to hate them because they will consider them as the lackey, of the west. Moreover, they will be surrounded by the unfriendly neighbour of the African Union.

The Victory of the Maoist candidate Babu Ram Bhata Rai over the Nepalese Congress candidate, to become the Prime Minister of Nepal, can be seen as a Chinese gain vis-a-vas America. Similarly, the Russian visit of Kim-Il-Jung the North Korean Leader has further strengthened the Russia, China and North Korean alliance. President Lee of South Korea has changed his unification Minister. Hyun-in Taek was considered a hard liner against North Korea. He has been replaced by Vu-Woo-ik, former ambassador to China. He is expected to follow a more conciliatory policy toward North Korea.

The Japanese Prime Minister Kan has resigned and Noda has become the new Prime Minister. Japan had six Prime Minister in the last five years. This is a sign of instability. Japan is America’s closest and strongest ally in Asia. When Japan becomes weak and unstable, then America loses influence in a big way. If Japan continues to have these trends then it may be forced to reconsider its alliance with America and may switch sides.

Even Vietnam is reconsidering the policy of confronting China over the issue of the South China islands. It has asked its people to stop the protests against China. The Vietnamese government has become suspicious of the American intentions.

India has started looking more and more to the East India wants to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation, this can bring India closer to China and Russia. These three countries can help to restore the balance of power in the world which was upset after the fall of the Soviet Union. America will not be the only superpower of the world for a long time.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at [email protected] or 509-962-3652.