‘Are you ready to die, son?’, Andrew Tate shares chilling childhood story about fighting spirit amidst extended arrest


Tate has been dealt another massive blow as his house arrest has been extended for another 30 days by the Romanian court

Andrew Tate, the controversial social media influencer and businessman, has once again made headlines with his latest Twitter thread. Tate, who has been under house arrest in Romania, shared a childhood incident with his father in a series of poetic tweets that caught the attention of his followers.

In the thread, Tate described getting into a fight in the schoolyard when he was young and being put in a headlock by a bigger kid. He asked his father for advice on how to get out of a headlock, to which his father responded by telling him to fight.

Tate’s father then asked him what he would do if he lost the fight. When Tate replied that he didn’t want to die, his father told him to fight anyway. The thread went on to describe how Tate’s father taught him to play chess and encouraged him to take risks and fight back even when the odds were against him.

The thread, which has since gone viral, has been met with mixed reactions. While some praised Tate for his resilience and determination, others criticized him for promoting violence and toxic masculinity.

This is not the first time that Tate has faced controversy. In the past, he has been accused of promoting harmful and dangerous ideas, including advocating for the legalization of drugs and prostitution. He has also been embroiled in legal issues, including his current house arrest in Romania.

Despite the criticism, Tate remains a popular figure on social media and has a significant following. Whether his latest Twitter thread will help or hurt his reputation remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Andrew Tate is not one to shy away from controversy.