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Marriage in the South Asian Community

Marriages that take place in the South Asian community are not only expensive, over-the-top but also can be quite rushed! With the divorce rate being so high and many marriages lasting only a few years, it seems that something is just a miss here… are many people just rushing into this commitment for the sake of being married? I would think so as this seems to be the only explanation for this behavior!

From all the questions that I receive, it becomes more and more evident that our community has a certain notion attached to the term ‘marriage’, it’s so important to us that we forget that something like marriage is not a joke and is a more serious matter since it involves the lives of two different people. It’s a lifetime commitment and should never be taken lightly!  Why are so many people in a rush to marry? Is it something that they “think” is the right thing to do? Or are they pressured into marriage? What’s right and what’s wrong, we don’t really know!

In my opinion, when getting or thinking about getting married, one should think of the following:

Why am I getting married? – is it because of me or because my family wants me to “find someone”?? – only get married when YOU think is the right time and MARRY the person if you think they’re right for you!!!! Use your own judgement!

Do I know them enough? – although, you can’t know anyone well enough ever but just meeting them a few times isn’t enough to get married!

Is it the right time? – you should know each other well and having spent some time together, you will know that now is the right time to ‘tie the knot’

Am I rushing it? – if you’ve just met through an introduction and you barely know one another, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO KNOW THEM!

Always remember that marriage should never be taken lightly and please treat it with respect and take your time to decide. Use your own judgement and don’t be swayed by what others are saying.

XOXO Paarull

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