Badals Wasted Rs 17 Crore Of Taxpayers’ Money On Kabaddi World Cup


BATHINDA – The state government spent more than Rs 17 crore on the second Kabaddi World Cup held last year months before the assembly elections. The main sponsors of the cup were leading colonisers and those in the liquor trade.

Information gathered through the RTI reveals that the state government spent Rs 5.66 crore on the first Kabaddi World Cup and much more on the second one.

For the first World Kabaddi Cup, the sponsors gave Rs 3.32 crore and for the second tournament Rs 9.55 crore. Pearls company, engaged in real estate business, alone gave Rs 7 crore. The state government spent Rs 7 crore on the tournament from its treasury. Ironically, the tournament, funding for which primarily came from the liquor industry, was held with the objective of weaning away youth from intoxicants.

Besides, filmstar Shah Rukh Khan, leading Punjabi singers had performed at the opening ceremony of the event. Handsome payment was made to the actor and the singers.

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