BC Auditor General Says Province Not Getting Best Value For Doctor Services


VANCOUVER – The findings of areport from the Auditor General showthe way doctors are paid inBC may not be linked tothe best patient outcomesor give us value for ourmoney.It says the provincial governmentis unable todemonstrate that compensationfor physician servicesis offering the best valuebecause it has not definedwhat “value” or cost-effective”means as it relates toservices doctors provide,reported News 1130.The majority of BC doctors are paidper service provided, although thisencourages them to provide a highvolume of services, fees are not linkedto patient outcomes. The auditor generalsays doctors need to be paid theright fee for a specificservice.It also finds doctor performanceisn’t evaluatedconsistently and becauseof that it’s unclearwhether people are gettingquality care.The auditor generalmakes six recommendations,including rebuildingthe compensation model.He also thinks clarifyingthe roles and accountabilityof the entities involved with physicianservices is needed.He says significant work is requiredand right now there are systemic barriershindering that.