BCFED Wants Employment Standards To Apply To Uber And Lyft


VANCOUVER – The BC Federation of Labour (BCFED) is challenging BC’s Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) to ensure ride-hailing companies don’t ignore labour laws at the expense of workers’ rights. In a letter to the PTB released today, the BCFED outlined why ride-hailing drivers should be classified as employees and have the protection of the Employment Standards Act.

“Workers driving for ride-hailing businesses typically face low wages and zero workplace protections,” said Laird Cronk, president of the BCFED. “BC has one chance to establish a fair system. It’s up to the provincial government and the PTB to do what’s right: ensure ride-hailing drivers are classified as employees and have minimum labour protections.”

California recently passed legislation to combat the misclassification of ride-hailing and other gig-economy workers, giving them access to minimum wages and other labour protections. The PTB is currently tasked with considering applications for ride-hailing in BC based on several criteria, including “economic soundness.”

A vital metric for the health of any industry is whether it creates employment that pays well, provides benefits and protections, and gives some security to workers so they can support themselves and their families.

“The question for British Columbians is this: should billion-dollar, multinationals be allowed to ignore BC’s laws at the expense of worker rights?” added Cronk.