Being A Small-Town Girl Has Its Own Advantages: Divyanka

Divyanka Tripathi may haverelocated to Mumbai a few yearsback, but the actress insists that sheis still very much grounded to herroots and is proud of the fact thatshe hails from a state like MP. “I’mstill rooted to our traditions andculture. I’m 28, and till date myfamily plays a very integral role inall the important decisions of mylife. Whenever I’m going through arough patch, I have the leisure ofleaning over to my family for support.Families in bigger cities don’tshare such strong bonds.
Many ofmy cosmopolitan friends, whoeither took up smoking, drinkingor got into the ‘big city’lifestyle couldn’t come outof it because they didn’thave anyone to turn to.So seeing them, Ijust pray that,’thank Godmy smalltownvaluesareintactand pulls meback if I’mabout to take awrong decision’.Fir yeh sab dekhke toh lagta hai,that I’m lucky to hail from a citylike Bhopal,” she says.Being a small-town girl has itsown advantagesThe actress says that being fromMP has not only helped her personally,but has also helped her scoreover other actors because of herclear diction and command overHindi.
She says, “If you’re a televisionstar, being a small-towner actuallyhelps you in many ways. Firstly,if you go by the content of dailysoaps, it’s all very traditional.So, we somehowdon’t have to put inextra efforts to get intothe character and theirstyle of living. Some ofmy co-actors, who hail frombigger cities, have a toughtime getting acquaintedwith the character they’replaying. Kuch toh dhangki Hindi bhi nahi bolpaate. But on as e r i o u snote, thekind ofe n v i ro n -ment that Iwas brought up inwhile in Bhopal, isquite similar towhat most of thedaily soaps portray.”

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