Brodie Visits Gurdwara For Lunch And Issues!


Every year India Cultural Centre of Canada’s Gurdwara Nanak Niwas (# 5 Road, Richmond) management invites Richmond mayor and councillors for lunch. It provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to discuss issues of common interest. As part of this tradition, a lunch meeting was held on Monday, September 15 at the Gurdwara. Mayor Malcolm Brodie was accompanied by Councillors Linda McPhail, Bill McNulty and Chak Au. It was a very pleasant and amicable get-together. One of the topics discussed was a proposal to celebrate Richmond’s cultural and religious diversity/harmony as exemplified by our Highway to Heaven.  This celebration will likely be held along #5 Road next year on BC Day. The mayor and councillors were very supportive of this initiative and commended the Gurdwara management for taking a lead in this regard.