Byah Hamari Bahoo Ka Completes 100 Episodes

Hats Off Productions’ ByaahHamari Bahoo Ka completed 100episodes yesterday. The show whichaired on May 28th with Gaurav Khannaand Shrenu Parikh in the lead roles hasscored a century.
This comes as a double celebrationfor the cast and production house as theshow that was supposed to go off air,recently got a two month extension.Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka has not beenable to garner good TRPs yet the showremains a favourtie with viewers!
Speaking of the show’s success,Falguni Desai aka Devaki Vaishnav(Krish’s grandmother) is thrilled, “We allare feeling great. Who knows, we mayeven cross 200 episodes. We are addingmore suspense to the show and althoughthe show’s not raking in TRPs, audienceslike it”.While Falguni remains optimisticabout the show’s success, here’s wishingthe Byaah team Congratulations and maythey score another century!