Canada’s First Ever New Canadians Market Research Agency Third Eye Launched In Toronto


TORONTO – Toronto-based Monsoon Communications has taken another step as leaders in the multicultural marketing community with the launch of Third Eye Market Research Inc., a market research company dedicated to delivering insights into the growing segment referred to as “Zero2Five” New Canadians.

Third Eye is headed by Gautam Nath as Managing Director. “Gautam’s leadership role in our new venture will leverage his in-depth knowledge of this important and growing segment as well as his strong market research and marketing background. Gautam will continue to work with the Monsoon team so that the growth of the ethnic ad agency and the new market research company are in complete sync with each other“, says Sachi Mukerji, President and Founder of Monsoon Communications.

As more and more companies are beginning to look at this segment, the need for professional and reliable data and understanding of New Canadians is becoming critical. Third Eye’s unique position to deliver best practices in market research combined with the knowledge and understanding of clearly defined cultural nuances, including language, ethnic sensitivities and heritage, makes it very different from other all purpose research companies.

According to Gautam Nath, “We know, we understand, hence deliver insights that delve deeper into the mind set of Zero2Five New Canadians. Having come to this country less than 3 years ago, I share the same challenges and beliefs as this market that is most attractive to companies. Third Eye is not a research company that also does ethnic research amongst many other things. For us, this is what we do and our focus is very sharply defined. It makes a huge difference to the end result…the authority and authenticity of the feedback we provide”.

Gautam Nath brings over 25 years of corporate experience in market research and brand marketing with global multinationals. More recently, he was Director of Cultural Markets at the Environics Research Group. He was awarded the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2011. He is a frequent writer on issues linked to New Canadians settling into Canada. He co-chairs the Group on Multicultural Marketing at the American Marketing Association and is the founder of the Multicultural Marketing Society of Canada. Gautam Nath has also been a speaker at various agencies and Universities and is on the Advisory Board of CAMP (Communications, Advertising & Marketing Professionals).

Third Eye is a professional market research company specializing on offering services to help address the growing and important segment of “Zero2Five” New Canadians. Our services include primary and secondary research and cover all qualitative and quantitative designs. Key segments addressed include South Asian, Chinese and Filipino New Canadians but our reach also touches smaller communities e.g. the Hispanic, Black, Korean as well as special segments such as International students and temporary foreign workers.

For more information contact [email protected] or call M : 416 459 7578 or O : 416 479 0308