Canadian Wheelchair Curling Team Takes The Silver In The Paralympics


The Paralympics have been a very important part of sports. This is because of the beloved inclusion of disabled people who usually cannot partake in certain sports, where the rules of said games are changed particularly to fit the players’ special needs. This certainly was a great addition to the sports industry as it shows the importance of letting everyone have a go at playing sports. No matter who they are, what they suffer from and how physically abled they are.

What is Wheelchair Curling?

  • As its name suggests, wheelchair curling is an adapted version of curling, specialized for disabled athletes with disability in the lower half of their body. It’s one of the sports that take part in the Winter Paralympic Games governed and is brought to us by the World Curling Federation. It is played using the same rocks and on the same ice as normal curling, though the rock is thrown from a wheelchair and there is no sweeping involved. Rocks are thrown by hand while leaning over the side of the chair or pushed by a delivery stick. The delivery stick is a pole that has a specialized bracket to fit over the rock handle, which allows the rock to be pushed with more precision.

Canada has been in a sad drought when it comes to winning medals at the Paralympics. The last time they had won a medal was 7 years ago, in the Sochi 2014 Paralympics.

The Canadians took the silver medal home at the most recent World Wheelchair Curling Championship situated in the beautiful Swiss city, Wetzikon.

During the thrilling final match, Canada finished under by a 5-4 score against Russia, while Mark Ideson, with the help of teammates Ina Forrest, Dennis Thiessen and Jon Thurston succeeded in finally breaking the country’s long lack of medals.

The team’s silver medal gives them their first time standing at the podium ever since their last bronze win in 2013.

In the game for the gold, the Canadians managed to maintain their early lead until the end of the 7th round, although, The Russians stole the game during round 8.

Thurston unfortunately missed a chance to win the match at the final round and handed Russia the 5-4 win.

The team implied that they are extremely happy and satisfied with their silver medal. They set out at the start of the week to make it to the playoffs and they hoped to get onto that podium, impressively they managed .

Both Canada and Russia had played a very good match, they just kept their focus on the game, plus everyone played great, although unfortunately, the Russians had beat the Canadians by inches.

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Winning the silver really helped the Canadians grasp enough valuable qualifying points to keep their hopes up to make it to the Winter Paralympics in China, Beijing in 2022.

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