Delhi Man Chops Off His Private Part After Tussle With Wife


SURAT – Doctors at New Civil Hospital (NCH) performed operation on a 55 year old person to reattach his private part which was chopped by him during wee hours on Wednesday. The victim was brought to NCH with the chopped limb in a small container.

Mahendra Pandit, resident of Dashrath Nagar in Kapodra area, had some dispute with his wife Manju. Both entered in heated argument during wee hours on Wednesday and out of anger Pandit chopped the limb using a knife kept in kitchen. Due to bleeding he fell on floor and was rushed to hospital.

After initial treatment at Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research (SMIMER) he was shifted to NCH for operation. His family brought him to NCH along with the chopped limb in a container. Considering Pandit’s critical condition doctors at urology department of NCH performed an emergency surgery to fix the part. Due to heavy blood loss Pandit’s health condition is critical.

Medicos at NCH claimed that the results of the surgery can be known only after 48 hours. Pandit is under constant monitoring to check improvement in his health. The family members are not aware about the exact reason behind Pandit’s extreme decision to chop his private part.