Delta Mayor Wades Into Ride-Hailing Debate, Seeks Caps From The PTD By Writing To Premier Horgan


DELTA – Delta Mayor George Harvie waded into the ride-hailing debate by writing to Premier John Horgan, expressing his concerns regarding how vital it was to cap the fleet size of ride-hailing companies. He also urged the Passenger Transportation Board to ensure that these companies and the taxi industry be subject to the same regulations and restrictions.

Harvie wrote: “The recent announcements pertaining to the ride-hailing regulations by the Passenger Transportation Board has been a cause of consternation in terms of the impact on the region, and on the existing Taxi industry.

“Without a cap on the ride-hailing company’s fleet size, the impact on the George Massey Tunnel, Alex Fraser Bridge and already busy 72 Avenue and Scott Road corridor, could be highly detrimental in terms of traffic congestion as well as further erosion of air quality. The residents of Delta already have to contend with massive traffic gridlocks at the George Massey Tunnel on a daily basis.

“A better solution may be to limit the number of ride-hailing vehicles with a view to increasing that number as demand dictates. This would result in less congestion, less impact on air quality, and would allow for a gradual phase-in of ride-hailing services.

“I am concerned for the welfare of numerous Delta families who are dependent for their livelihood on the Taxi industry. All drivers and taxi owners should earn decent wages, have improved service, and be on a level playing field. There is also a need to adequately address the service needs of people with disabilities that require wheelchair accessible transportation.

“I hope you will take my concerns ad suggestions into consideration. I urge the Passenger Transportation Board to review its decision and ensure both ride-hailing companies and the Taxi industry be subject to eth same regulations and restrictions.

“I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this request with yourself and the Honourable Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure at the upcoming UBCM Convention.”