Dr Bains Feted With Another Lifetime Achievement Award


AMRITSAR – An well knowncommunity activist Dr RaghbirSingh Bains who pioneered thefirst of its kind ‘Encyclopaediaof Sikhism’ on multimedia technologyand set up five multimediamuseums with robotic andtouch screen technology in theworld has added another featherto his volunteer services whenhe was honoured with “LifetimeAchievement Award-2013” byThe Social Educational WelfareAssociation (SEWA) India forhis tireless services to the globalcommunity.The award was conferred uponhim by Panj Pyaras includingGiani Jagtar Singh Ji AdditionalHead Granthi Sri HarmandarSahib and Giani GurmukhSingh Ji Head Granthi Sri AkalTakhat Sahib Amritsar.The nominations for differentcategories were sought fromthroughout the world by theindividuals who have dedicatedtheir lives to making a differencein Sikh value system, globalprosperity, continued commitmentto building bridges incommunities and fostering lastingrelationships.Dr Bains is an extraordinary lifetimecampaigner against themenace of social evils includingthe evils of drugs, domestic violence,menace of divorces,female foeticide, murders, fleshtrading and gang activities.Dr. Bains said he did researchon HIV-AIDS in Tanzania,Uganda and Kenya to curb thefatal menace. He got most ofhis professional education fromCanada and America. He is productivecommunity activist, educator,researcher, renownedscholar, cultural mentor and agood role model for all ages.He is a great scholar and writerof many classic books. He is avisionary lifetime goal achieverand an eminent contributortowards national and globalunity and harmony. He hasalready been bestowed withhundreds of local, national andinternational awards.An environmentalist and educationproviding icon Baba SewaSingh Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahibwas also honoured with ‘GuruPyarey’ award. Dr RajwantSingh from USA who is arenowned social activist washonoured by ‘SEWA’ for makingefforts to keep global environmentclean. Few more personalitieswere also felicitated.