Farmer Workers , Seniors Rally At PICS!


PICS hosted a rally advocating for the rights of farm workers and seniors on Tuesday morning. Farm workers have long struggled in BC to gain workplace rights and health and safety protections enjoyed by most other BC workers. With organizing and leadership from the Canadian Farm Workers’ Union some employers were forced to make improvements to working conditions, for the mostly immigrant, non-English speaking workforce. Although many efforts have been made and much success has been realized, farm workers still have many basic needs that have not been met.  Tomorrow farm workers will rally and demand minimum wage, stat holidays, overtime pay, and the rights that any other workers in BC are given under the Employment Standards Act. Indo-Canadian seniors also joined in the rally. In BC, many seniors live in poverty and isolation and often have nowhere to turn for support. In allowing older people to stay active and live independently, we lessen the impact on our health system. Tomorrow seniors will rally and demand free drug prescriptions, proper shed coverings at BC Transit bus stops, and an end to the $15 BC Hydro surcharge.