Fire And Electric Shock Causing Phone Chargers Recalled By Health Canada


Canada’s health agency is recalled dozens of USB chargers it says could potentially started a fire. Ross McLaughlin has more.

VANCOUVER – Health Canada has issued a recall for several brands of cellphone chargers over a risk they may cause an “unacceptable risk of electric shock or a fire if used.”

More than 1.5 million uncertified chargers are included in the recall, including 1 million Smart 1A AC wall chargers sold at Chevron Town Pantry stores across British Columbia.

Phone chargers affected by the recall may also be sold at Peavey Mart and MainStreet Hardware locations in Western Canada and dollar stores nationwide.

Some common Canadian certification marks that should always appear on electrical products.

Consumers are advised to stop using the potentially faulty USB chargers immediately. Health Canada recommends using a charger that carries the proper certification on the device to ensure that it meets Canadian electrical safety stands.