Four Girls Forced Their Friend To Strip And Then Filmed Her And Circulated The MMS In India


CHANDIGARH – Four girls allegedly made an MMS (multimedia messaging service) clip of their estranged friend after stripping her in a car and circulated it to all the contacts in the phonebook of latter’s mobile phone in Haryana’s Panchkula district recently.

The MMS scam, which has taken Chandigarh by storm, seemed to be an act of revenge by the girls on the victim. She has been seeking justice since the incident.

As per the footage, the accused girls allegedly forced the victim into a car and snatched her mobile and wallet. They then slapped her a few times and proceeded to strip her. The victim was shot in the nude with her own mobile.

Later, the accused girls allegedly sent the MMS clip to all the contacts in her mobile’s phonebook.

The incident took place on September 26, but no police case has been filed yet. The accused girls are residents of Panchkula staying in a paying guest accommodation. The victim also lives in Panchkula.

The police have been waiting for the girls’ parents before registering a case.