From Roulette To eSports – Mobile Gaming Trends To Watch For In 2020


As 2019 draws to a close, mobile now accounts for just under 50 percent of the entire gaming market. It’s already far larger than console gaming (28 percent) and PC gaming (25 percent) and it seems certain that given another year, it will be bigger than both of them put together.

It’s growing at a time when gaming has never been more popular but when the long-term viability of consoles is getting thrown into ever-increasing doubt. So how will the developers and marketers react and what trends are likely to emerge over the next 12 months?

Increased engagement through better tech

The reason behind gaming’s popularity is that it is so much more immersive and interactive than, for example, reading a book or watching TV. In a game, you are part of the experience, not just watching from the sidelines. The advent of 5G will help bring increasing levels of realism to a whole variety of games. One example is in the online casino sector. Here, providers such as are already winning new enthusiasts through live gaming channels, where you can play roulette, blackjack and the like while interacting with a human dealer. It makes the experience closer than ever to a night out in a real casino.

Also expect virtual and augmented reality to play a larger part in mobile gaming. Already, the best smartphones offer a degree of VR capability, and this will only increase, rendering those specialist headsets obsolete before they have had a chance to truly get off the ground.

Mobile accessibility for all

Games that already have a strong following on other platforms need to react or be left behind, just like the drive to mobile first in the world of internet browsing. Expect to see more big names moving across to mobile platforms. 

NBA2K, the globally popular basketball game, has already made steps in this direction. Surely, it is only a matter of time before the likes of FIFA, Grand Theft Auto and other console classics are forced to follow suit.

The mobile eSport age is upon us

The eSport sector is predicted to be worth $1.5 billion by 2023. However, it could look very different to the way it is today. Industry experts predict that the future of esports lies in mobile gaming, and as the floodgates open, so more participants, fans, sponsors and broadcasters will join the fray.

China is proving to be something of an early adopter here, and already boasts a mobile eSport scene that is booming. Over the next 12 months, expect to see mobile eSport promoted from its current status of poor relation, with tournaments attracting participation, viewing figures and prize funds that are on a par with conventional eSport. 

Evolving times

The above trends are not idle speculation. They represent patterns that are already underway, and demonstrate just how influential mobile gaming is going to become over the coming months. Playing games might be designed to be a fun and frivolous distraction. But for those in the industry, the market has never been more serious.