Husband Mourns South Asian Woman Killed By Ontario Police Cruiser


TORONTO – The friends and family of a 64-year-old South Asian woman struck and killed by a police cruiser gathered on Sunday to remember her.

Satyawatti (Janet) Katryan, 64, was crossing Highway 27 in front of Woodbine Mall when she was hit by a cruiser leading a funeral procession around 12:30 p.m. Saturday. She died at the scene.

“She always did the right thing and pleased everybody,” her husband of 40 years, Newman, told CityNews.

“She was always very quiet and polite. I can’t believe it … I still think that she is coming home.”

The couple lived in a house not far from the spot where Katryan died. At the time, the grandmother had been on her way to Fortinos to pick up medication and glasses for her husband, who has problems walking.

“If my legs were good I was going to be the person going across, not her, because I never send her by herself,” he said.

There are no pedestrian crosswalks or traffic lights where Katryan was walking.

The province’s Special Investigations Unit is probing the case.