International Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrations Held In Surrey


By Acharya ShrinathP.Dwivedi

SURREY – The Global Clergy Association, Northwood United Church and Multifaith Action Societyjointly organized a conference to celebrate International Interfaith Harmony Week on February8, 2020 at Northwood United Church, 8855-156 St in Surrey. The celebration was held between 1.00 to 3.30 PM.

Interfaith organizations and social- religious institutions have convened different events to celebrate the Interfaith Weekall over the world. It seems that interfaith movement is picking up the momentum.Aim of interfaith is to cultivate respect, goodwill, understanding and cross-cultural dialogue for just, peaceful and harmonious society.

The host Rev,ScottTurnbrook welcomed the guests  and offered an opening prayer. Acharya ShrinathP.Dwivedi and Rev Scott emceed the event. The spiritual leaders – TriptaKurl (Hindu Dharma), Connie Waterman (Bahai), Firdosh Mehta (Zoroastrian), Imam Umaid Khan (Islam), and Serman Munro (Scientology)offered the peace prayer based on their scriptures.

The theme of the conference was “Transformation Toward Interfaith Harmonyand three scholars – Dr. Harold Rosen, Maureen La Croix, and Rebecca Tobias presented their views. Their talk was quite informative and inspiring. The devotee of ISKCON group-Riya, Ravi, Smartie, NandGppalDas, headed by Sri Manu Das,gave the devotional chant; and Urmila Das, in her melodious voice, recited the poem of Sooryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ on Goddess Saraswati which created spiritual vibrations. The group discussion coordinated by Connie Waterman was quite successful.The president of Global Clergy Association – Dr.J.Das offered the closing remarks. Closing prayer was offered by Connie Waterman. All the guests, at the end, were entertained with refreshment.