International Students Day


Over a hundred enthusiastic Langley international students and home-stay parentswere greeted and welcomed to Langley by Township Mayor Jack Froese and CityMayor Ted Schaffer at Langley’s First Annual International Students’ Day at theMuriel Arnason Library. The event was hosted by FVRL’s Dr. Sarwan SinghRandhawa, at the Muriel Arnason Library, who noted, “It was exciting to meet manyInternational students from a variety of different countries, to welcome them toLangley and to give them a feeling how friendly and resourceful our Langley is.”Sarwan also invited everyone to Township of Langley’s 10 annual Diwali (Festivalof Lights) that will be celebrated on Saturday, October 26 from 1 to 3 pm at theMuriel Arnason Library.