Jagrup Brar Fundraiser!


Popular Surrey NDP MLA Jagrup Brar recently held his annual fundraiser which was well attended with a lot of new people and some familiar faces like former Surrey-North MP Jasbir Sandhu who is not running again in his old seat. He could have given Liberal MP Randeep Singh Sarai a good challenge given the challenges the federal Liberals currently face but Sandhu said he’s enjoying time with his family and is happy with his non-political life. Getting back to Jagrup’s fundraiser – he’s always been a well-liked politician who has won several elections and most likely would have been in cabinet had he not lost that one election where Christy Clark won. NDP is most likely to go to the polls earlier given their rising support among voters so the fundraiser makes sense as election could be early as next spring. BC Liberals are currently in the dumpster so NDP most likely want to take advantage of that and go for a clear majority rather than being supported by the Greens.