Javed Akhtar’s Appeal To Michelle Obama Starts A Memefest


Lyricist Javed Akhtar has created a sensation on the internet by pleading to the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama to return to the White House.

“Dear Ms Michelle Obama, I am not some young crazy fan but a 77 years old writer/ poet from India. Hopefully any Indian would know my name. Madame please take my words seriously, not only US but the world needs you in White House. You shouldn’t shrug off this responsibility,” Mr Akhtar wrote while replying to Mrs Obama’s tweet on Thursday.

Michelle Obama is busy promoting her new book, The Light We Carry. According to the book’s description, it contains stories and insightful observations. Mrs Obama took to Twitter in a recent promotion for her book and wrote, “I’m so excited to go on ‘The Light We Carry’ Tour with these wonderful people!”

“I’ll be sharing some personal stories and lessons that have helped me along my path, and I can’t wait to tell you more. I hope you’ll join us,” she added.

Twitter users swarmed the post’s comment area section with political viewpoints and humorous responses as soon as Mr Akhtar made the comment. Meme Masters began making jokes and posting them on social media.

“Who is this Javed from India schooling Mrs. Obama? Ohh he is a self proclaimed writer or poet?” wrote one user.