Little Big Man!


The say sometimes big things come in small packages and that is certainly the case with the great Punjabi character actor Rana Ranbir who is mostly under or mis-utilized in the brainless Punjabi comedies. Ranbir gave an absolutely thrilling and spell-binding performance in his one-man play on Paash, aka Avtar Singh Sandhu, the revolutionary Punjabi poet who was gunned down by some so-called Kharkoos or Khalistanis! This play called Khetan Da Putt (Son Of The Soil), which was staged for one-time performance at the Surrey Arts Centre at Bear Creek Park last Friday, is a pure art and Rana breathes such life into it that it is as if Paash had come back from the grave and on to the Surrey Arts Theatre stage, even for a single evening! Rana is a great actor and this play showcases his every talent, as a writer, actor and singer! His performance is of such high quality that it rivals the best on New York’s Broadway stage! For theatre lovers and lovers of Paash, it is akin to having the best meal followed by the best sex ever, that the orgasm lasts till the morning!

**By R. Paul Dhillon