Manak Muni Maharaj in Vancouver From Auust 5-11


VANCOUVER – Born in the year 1947 in an Oswal Jain family in Sujangarh, Rajasthan India,  Shri Manak Muni ji Maharaj, a great Sadhak, philosopher and orator, will be in Vancouver from August 5 -11.

Muni ji took *Diksha,* from the renowned Acharya Shri Tulsi ji Maharaj at the young age of 14. After taking Sanyas, Muni ji immersed himself in studying Jain philosophy and scriptures. A great scholar of Jainism, Muni ji also has a profound understanding of the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism. Muni ji is proficient in many regional Indian languages as well as some ancient languages such as Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Muni ji is particularly versed in *Dhyan-Sadhana, *Intense Meditation, in the course of which he has undergone supernatural experiences and has been blessed by Mata Shri Padmavati Devi. Muni ji has organised Parshava-Padmavati Mahapoojan in numerous cities to lighten the lamp of devotion in the hearts of thousands.

Muni ji has a keen sense of perception, intuition and discernment. He is amongst a few of the accomplished *Shatavanhani *of our times. (Shatavadhan is the ancient science of memory and mathematics based on concentration of mind). He has enthralled and astonished thousands of attendees in India, Canada, UK and the USA through Shatavadhan presentations. A great teacher of yoga and meditation, his knowledge of astrology, palmistry and numerology is vast.

Guru ji has travelled far and wide all over India and Nepal on foot for 27 years. Since 1991, Muni ji has tirelessly been preaching non-violence, vegetarianism, karma theory and stress management in USA, Canada and the UK. Muni ji has helped to build the right values of religion and culture through spiritual awakening among youngsters and people at large.

At present, Pujya Gurudev ji is the head of Jain Muni Ashram in Bhiwani, Haryana. This 70- years old Ashram has become a renowned centre for Tapa, Bakhti and Sadhna *under his spiritual direction. Thousands of devotees visit the Ashram every year to receive Muni ji’s blessings, guidance and peace.

The Ashram supports many activities such as healthcare and education. The healthcare department at the Jain Muni Ashram is led by its Manager, Dr. Usha Jain ( M.D./Ph.D) through Ayurveda dispensary and alternative medicine practices for the last 30 years. Her *Sadhna *and services to the community are unparalleled.

There is a “Shri Guru Samadhi Mandir” on site at the Jain Muni Ashram with the *Samadhi of Pujya Gurudev Shri Phoolchand ji Maharaj and Pujya Gurudev Shri Sampat Muni ji Maharaj. A new “*Maha Shakti Mandir” is also under construction on site. The Ashram is about 100 Kms from New Delhi.

*For More Information Call: Sanjeev Batta – 604-616-6001 <604-616-6001, Vijay Jain – 604-525-0520 <604-525-0520 and Kavita Banthia – 604-298-1004 <604-298-1004.