Mayor Doug McCallum had swollen foot and suffered soft tissue damage: CBC report


    A CBC report published recently has brought out new and more details on investigations mentioned in the court document that led search warrant against Mayor Doug McCallum.

    Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum had claimed that a woman ran over his foot with her car that led to a public mischief charge against him.

    A judge removed the seal on a sworn document, called an information to obtain or ITO, in which police detailed the facts of McCallum’s case in order to obtain a search warrant, after Global News court challenge.

    On June 11, 2022 CBC news reporter Jason Proctor provided more details based on a copy obtained by CBC after “a separate application for the document which was sworn to justify a warrant to examine McCallum’s shoes and to obtain shopping records.”

    The CBC report states how Mayor and Johnstone agreed that they crossed paths outside Save-on-Foods. But both have different versions of what happened after that. The Mayor claimed that Johnstone allegedly ran over his foot and Johnstone denied the allegations.

    The CBC news report points out, “According to the search warrant, a “small shrub” obscures McCallum’s legs from the knee down in the video.”

    “As the [vehicle] was pulled away, McCallum began to angle his body away from the [vehicle],” the document says.

    “McCallum does make a very small movement with his left leg, but due to the angle of the shrub, it is unclear what was the cause or purpose of this movement.”

    The CBC report mentions court documents pointing that the mayor signed his “consent for RCMP to access medical records, including X-rays of his foot taken after the incident.

    The CBC news also mentioned, “According to the warrant, the records showed ‘he suffered from some soft tissue damage on the top of the foot, but no broken bones.’”

    The news report also mentioned that “Johnstone told [her friend] that if she was going to run over McCallum, she would just take him out,” the warrant says.

    Johnstone is part of Keep The RCMP in Surrey group, who was outside a Save-On-Foods on the day that Mayor Doug McCallum was grocery shopping and claimed his foot was run over.

    The CBC article mentioned that members from the group “didn’t believe” Mayor was there to do grocery shopping. While as part of their investigation, RCMP reviewed footage of McCallum doing his grocery shopping and “regularly consulting a piece of paper, possibly a shopping list.”

    Although, RCMP and a few city councillors are focusing on the Mayor’s mischief case, the fact that RCMP is in transition and Johnstone involved in this case belongs to ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey Group’, cannot be denied.