Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ( PG) ***


Teen Apocalypse Thriller Brings Burning Next Installment!

By Alan Samauel

Burn, baby burn. So the motto for the young cast In Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials should be. Savvy 20th Century Fox films rekindles the spirit of the inspiring original. The race  is on for survival  at Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C

Nowhere to run is quite the ordeal confronting a group of youthful idealists  going up against the system.  Corruption is at the forefront of this most secretive future society with non-believers relegated to penal institutions. Escape seems futile but born leader Thomas seems up  for the challenge. Born to lead is Dylan O’Brien.

Good looks can’t mask the fear of the lads (and lasses) as they try to elude their hierarchical crazed captors in a bid for freedom and  safety.  Fear and fun go hand in hand in This adventure yarn that offers an evil government and the odd zombie,

Take all this in with a large grain of salt and you may find its spin rewarding. Ideal for teens that like sagas a la Twilight or The Hunger Games.