Memorial Poem For Mother And Brother At remote Wilderness Of Grouse Mountain


I have always liked to hike the dangerous Grouse Grind trail leading to the top of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver for its tough challenge, straining exercise and for meeting vast variety of most lovely, lively, cheerful, caring, and friendly people of all ages and countries. Most of the hikers feel exhausted after climbing about 2930 stairs of the bone grinding 2.9 KM Grouse Grind and come down by taking the ride in the Sky Ride gondola. The highest point of the Grouse Mountain, where a $15 ride in the wonderful Windmill called “Eye of the Wind”, provides amazing 360 degree view.

Many tourists and health conscious enthusiasts reach the top of the Grouse Mountain  by “Sky Ride” and then take the ride in the “Scenic Chair Lift” to reach the “Eye of the Wind” or   they hike about 1 KM rough and tough gravel path to reach their.

Several times I have experienced the thrill of hiking Grouse Grind. But I have also enjoyed hiking to the “Eye of the Wind” without using Chair Lift or Gravel path.

It was Tuesday, the July 14, 2015 when after enjoying the Bird Show, Lumber Jack Show and moving around the massy Grizzlies at Grouse Mountain, I started walking uphill to the top of the mountain. The ascent was quite tough as the stones, rocks and vast variety of herbs, new budding little flowers, bushes and lot of greenery were its part. But I reached the summit near the Eye of the Wind much to the amazement of several watching tourists. A cheerful couple came to me and said, “We are proud of you.”

Actually the entire paraphernalia of natural beauty while hiking defies description. But the most amazing thing, which I spotted that day during my harsh encounter with several defiant stones, rocks and bushes, was a very small memorial plate containing an immortal love poem nicely fitted to a huge rock lying in a remote corner of the wilderness. Perhaps nobody has ever seen it.

The poem says,

In Loving Memory of

My Mom, Dot Malcom 1931-2011


My Brother, Rod Malcom 1957-1992

“I am the thousand winds that blow

I am the diamond glints on snow

When you awaken in the morning hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circle flight

I am the soft star that shines at night”


Love you to the moon and back