My Role In ‘Honge Juda…’ Not Cameo, Says Aamir

After playing a rusticcop in comedy show “FIR”, actor Aamir Ali isnow playing a neurosurgeonin new show “Honge JudaNa Hum”. He says it is nota cameo, and he took therole as he wanted to dosomething different.
“I couldn’t do somethingfull fledged along with’FIR’, but when this came, Ithought I will balance boththese shows. I wanted to dosomething different andthat’s why I took it up,”Aamir told IANS. He saidinitially it was tough to balance twoopposite roles, but now he has got ahang of it.
“When I started shooting for it, Irealised I will have to make an extraeffort. But I have learnt how to do itnow. Initially it was tough, but now I amused to it. I think comedy has improvedme as an actor. It has helped me,” hesaid. Talking about the contrasting charactersin both shows, the 33-year-oldsaid: “In ‘FIR’, I play the role of a desicop and here in ‘Honge Juda Na Hum’, Iplay a neurosurgeon, who hasstudied abroad for a while and isnow back in India. “It is challengingfor me as an actor to playboth these roles simultaneously.
“While some actors giveprime importance to their role,Aamir says he is very particularabout the people he works with.The actor feels lucky that he hasalways been offered good rolesand he makes sure he is comfortablewith the team before hesigns any project.”I look at the people I amworking with. Whatever I get,the roles are good.
But at thisphase in my career, I prefer working withpeople who I am comfortable with,” saidAamir, who has done shows like “KyaDill Mein Hai” and “Bhaskar Bharti”.His last Bollywood project was “IHate Luv Storys” and says he is open totaking up more roles if something goodcomes his way. “Since ‘I Hate LuvStorys’, I have been busy with TV. Forme, films are important. But I want to doquality work. If I get such offers, I willtake it up,” said Aamir,who is married toTV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh.