New Rules To Stop Indian-Foreign Workers From Settling In UK


LONDON – UK announced that Indian and other non-EU professionals will have to return to their countries of origin after their work visa expires instead of being allowed to settle here after working for five years. Currently, immigration rules allow non-EU professionals to settle in Britain indefinitely after working for five years. This provision is likely to be soon scrapped under the David Cameron government’s plans to cut immigration.

Setting out several measures the Cameron government had taken since assuming office in 2010, Home secretary Theresa May said: “Under Labour, temporary immigration led to an automatic right to settle here. So we’re breaking that link, making sure that immigrants who come here to work go home at the end of their visa”.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, May drew applause as she announced changes to immigration rules that would enable officials to deport foreign nationals who commit crimes in Britain, and seek to stay on using the right to family life under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

Earlier, immigration minister Damian Green reiterated the government’s commitment to tighten immigration rules, and cited two examples from Delhi to allege abuse of the visa system for students and workers.

Recalling the annual cap of 21,700 for foreign workers, Green said: “I saw, in our office in Delhi, a man being interviewed for his visa. He said he was coming for a skilled job working on a busy production line making machinery.

He needed an interpreter for his visa interview. He would not be safe on a busy, dangerous production line”.