No. 5 Road Gurdwara Felicitates Punjab Congress Secretary Khaira


By Balwant Sanghera

RICHMOND – Darshan Singh Khaira, General Secretary, Punjab Pardesh Congress, NRI Department is a prominent businessman and educator with extensive experience in business, technology, education and many other areas . He is currently visiting Canada and the United States.

Born and raised in Alhoran Khurd village in Nabha Tehsil of Patiala District in the Punjab, Khaira has commendable achievements to his credit. During hisrecent visit to Metro Vancouver, Khaira has been very generous with his time and meeting not only his friends and relatives but also members of the Indo-Canadian community in general and Punjabis in particular. As Punjab government’s main contact with the NRIS he has been seeking advice from all over. This is an excellent initiative on his part. In this context, he has managed to visit a number of community groups and places of worship.

On Saturday, June 1, Khaira was kind enough to visit India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas in Richmond. He was extended a very warm welcome by Chairman Asa Singh Johal and members of the Gurdwara Management Committee. Khaira explained his role in the Captain Amrinder Singh government and briefly explained the main purpose of his visit. He mentioned that he has come to listen to the concerns of NRIs. This started a very healthy discussion about the problems that NRIs face in the Punjab. Khaira took note of these concerns and assured all present that he will do his best to address them.  In this context he mentioned a number of measures that have been put in place to facilitate matters for NRIs. It was a very pleasant and productive discussion.

As a token of appreciation, Asa Singh Johal, Chairman, India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas presented a plaque to Mr. Khaira and thanked him for his commitment and dedication inhelping thePunjabi NRI community.