Pallavi To Tie The Knot Soon

Actors Pallavi Subhash (of KaramApna Apna fame) and Aniket Vishwasraohave been dating for eight years now. SaysPallavi, “I am content with my relationshipwith Aniket.
As for marriage, wehave given the responsibility of planningour wedding to our respective families.While I prefer a simple wedding, Aniket’sfamily wants us to have a big fat wedding.”Speaking about her equation withAniket, Pallavi says, “Aniket is extremelyunderstanding and supportive.
There wereups and downs in our relationship but wemanaged to balance it out. If we fight, wedon’t talk to each other for a couple ofdays but after that never discuss the fightagain. He is like family. We discuss everything.I need his opinion for every decisionrelated to my career.”