Punjab Village On The Edge After 40 Cancer Deaths

Lakhveer Singh with pictures of his parents who died of cancer.

AMARGARH – Fear stalks Amargarh residents with more and more residents succumbing to cancer. Most suspect that the water in the area is to blame for the calamity and have installed reverse osmosis pumps in their homes.

Lakhveer Singh, who lost his father Harmail Singh in 2002 and two years later his mother Gurcharan Kaur to intestinal cancer, said it was time the government should step in to address the problem.

“I spent more than Rs 15 lakh on my parent’s treatment. But what about the poor afflicted by this disease ? The government must do something about the polluted water in our area”.

He said he lived in constant fear of losing his daughter and son.

There are at least 40 families in this non-descript village to have lost their dear ones to cancer.

Varinder Mohan, a sweet shop owner, who lost his father to lymph node cancer about 45 days ago, said: “I cannot bring my father back, but I would want you to highlight our plight so that we do not see more dying of cancer.”