Raj Bhela’s Lawyer Daniel J. Baker Clarifies The Action Brought Against Bhela By TD Bank


VANCOUVER – Raj Bhela, who was recently in the news for financial impropriety, had his lawyer Daniel J. Barker clarify an action brought by the Toronto- Dominion Bank that Bhela had Participated in Some Questionable Activity Relating to Bank Drafts.

Barker advised that in Late January, Early February, 2017 the Toronto Dominion Bank advised Bhela that there was a Shortfall in Available Funds to Cover Bank Drafts Issued by the Toronto Dominion Bank.

Bhela advised that within a very Few Days of Bhela Learning of the Innocent Shortfall, the Toronto Dominion Bank was made whole. In Particular of February 2, 2017 the entire Amount in Question Was in the Possession of the TD Bank.

Barker Advised that Not with Standing that the TD Bank had the Entire Funds in Question in Its Possession it Proceeded in March, 2017 and May, 2017 to Obatin Orders of the Supreme Court of British Columbia that gave the Impression to the Public  that Bhela and others were Subject to an Outstanding Judgment in Favour  of the TD Bank in the amount of $500,000.

Barker advised that When the Toronto Dominion Bank through its Counsel Obtained those Orders in March and May, 2017 the Toronto Dominion Bank knew that it had the funds and indeed had known that since February 2, 2017.

Barker advised that he has demanded through counsel for the Toronto Dominion Bank that the Bank make public the fact that it had in fact had the funds in question since February 2, 2017, and that the orders in question are misleading to the public, but the TD Bank has refused.

Barker advised that he has been instructed by Bhela to bring an action against the Toronto Dominion Bank, and others, for damages arising from this baseless attack on his reputation.