Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Do Not Believe In Social Networking

Looks like Bollywoodactors Ranbir Kapoor andKatrina Kaif have a lot in common.They go to secret movie datestogether, they even hang outwith each others family. Andwhat’s more, their ideologiesand principles in life are similartoo. At a press conference,Katrina Kaif said that she has aproblem with sharing her personallife with people throughsocial networking sites.
KatrinaKaif said, “Why do you want toput yourself out there, I justhave a problem with it.”We heard Ranbir Kapoor sharethe same views a while ago. Hehad said, “I am very happy inexpressing myself to the peopleI know through BBM. It’s notthat I am looking down uponTwitter, I am just shy to be on itright now.”