‘Rapist’ French Diplomat Held In Bangalore


BANGALORE – Pascal Mezuier, French diplomat allegedly accused of raping his four-year-old daughter, was arrested in Bangalore on Tuesday.

According to TV reports, the accused has now been taken for a medical check-up and will be produced in court later in the day.

The Bangalore Police earlier on Monday had refused to arrest the man despite the French embassy in New Delhi stating that Pascal did not enjoy diplomatic immunity.

French embassy in New Delhi confirmed that Mezuier (39), deputy head of chancery in the French consulate in Bangalore and accused of raping his daughter by his wife, does not hold a diplomatic passport, but the police said it’s waiting for a written statement from the ministry of external affairs on Pascal’s status before arresting him.

Following a complaint from Pascal’s wife Suja Jones Mazurier, cops had registered a case against Mazurier under Section 376 of IPC on Thursday but did not arrest him, first saying he may have diplomatic immunity, then seeking the confirmation that he does not, in writing.