Reema Kagti Clears The Air About Aamir Khan

Reema Kagti is super excited abouther upcoming film ‘Talaash’ and claimsto be fortunate to direct Aamir Khan.In an exclusive conversation withTOI, Reema clears the air about her riftwith Aamir.”There is absolutely no rift withAamir.
I have respect for the actor. To behonest, there is no problem.In fact, there might be somethingthat didn’t work for them in the scriptand that’s ok with me,” said the director.Aamir being Mr. Perfectionist ofBollywood were there any kind of creativedifferences?
“I never had those issues withAamir and in fact, had greatest timeworking with him.He has helped me during the filmand is very supportive and co operative.Today I think I have made the film thatI had set out to make,” answeredReema.Reema denies the reports doinground that Aamir was not the firstchoice to play Surjan Singh Shekhawatin ‘Talaash’.
“There were lot of reports in mediaabout actors, who were going to do thefilm, but the fact is that no one was supposedto play Aamir’s part,” assertedReema.”When Zoya and me had initiallywritten the film, we had Aamir in mind.However, he was busy with ‘Ghajini’and later he also told me that he will bedoing a short film which was ‘DhobiGhat’.
Since, Aamir was busy weapproached few people, but nothingworked as such.Later, Aamir got free and we tooksometime out and discussed the scriptand that’s when he said yes,” added thedirector.