Remembering My Pa – Dr Trilochan Singh


A decade Passed !Still your siprit I feel around,In thy sublime deeds, thy piouslife,I often cherish the glimpses ofa seer in thee,Who Always help the needy likea true religionist,Your deeds are still alive in thyprogeny,The oddities, when are pennedby the hollow ones,I feel exasperated & warn,“Beware of the Cowards”I wish the Cowards to learn tolive, from thy life,I call them Cowards, who darenot pen a single word,When you were alive. Perhaps they were in waiting foryour demise.To vomit out the venom,They preserved in their maliciousminds.You remained above the worldlyriches,For which the stingy feel soproud.You always hailed you progenyyour precious wealthSince a GurSikh never bowbefore the worldly wealth.I pity such beings who attackedthe white flowing beard ofthine.I felt disturbed for a while andwas fully relieved,When turned to your advice;“Forgive and Forget”.CANTO-IIThen I go back to the memorylane,Where found thee in foremostplaceOf such great scholars who everbeen consistent,So positive and authentic whilepenning the sikh history.Thy devotion created such masterpiecesWherein I peep into the lives ofGreat Sikh Gurus;Guru Nanak Guru Harikrishan,Guru Tegh BahadurAnd the Tenth Guru.Here I see a philosopher, ascholar who could be theBeacon-light for the Sikh doctrines.And fought against the helmetcase in the Lord’s House.And could urge the Sikh Youthpenning their “Responsibility”People crave to have such greatscholar’Who may help at this juncturethough now inCanada or in France or in Italy .Where sikhs are beseiged in thevortex of polity,Only thou could challenge themisleading scholars,And bring out an authenticpiece;“Dr Trump and Mcload asScholars of Sikh History”.Alas! That took thy last drop ofblood,Thy rocklike stand on the historicaltruths,Hath placed thee in the superbniche,Where hierarchy of genius’ onlyreside,Dr. Sushil Kaur is a Surrey basedwriter and poet. She can be reached atemail – [email protected] .She is currently visiting India.