ShushmaDatt honored by Hindi Literary Society with “Hindi Ratna”


By Acharya S.P.Dwivedi

ShushmaDatt, famous broadcaster in Lower Mainland, was honored by the Hindi Literary Society of Canada for her deep dedication and commitment towards promoting Hindi. She founded IT Production and Rim Jhim in 1987 and added lateron Spice Radio. Rim Jhim was the first round-the-clock station to provide the programs in five languages but mainly in Hindi.

Hindi Literary Society of Canada,BC (HLSC)has been promoting Hindi language and literature since 1988 in Canada. It is well aligned with the national policy of the multi-culturalism that gives right to all Canadians to maintain and promote their cultural heritage and faith with pride.

This year Hindi Lok Mahotsav was organized by the HLS C and was held in Khanna Banquet Hall which presented several attractive and colorful folk dances and plays.Harish Masand, the president of HLC welcomed the guests and artists, and Master of Ceremony -Reshma Misra and Nutan Thakur, followed by the ceremony of lighting the lamp. The devotional dance was presented by a group of young girls, and that was choreographed by a highly regarded dance teacher Jayalakshmi Ravindra.

Harish and his wife Anupa offered a statue of Lord Ganesha to the chief guest Manish ji, Consul General of India. While addressing the audience, CGI emphasized upon the use and importance of Hindi. Next was an impressive and thrilling item “Spirit of Dance” presented by Reshma Misra and Kirti Sharma.

ShushmaDattwas honored by the HLSC for her deep dedication and commitment towards promoting Hindi. Acharya Dwivedi spoke that Shushma ji established herself in field of broadcasting when women were struggling for existence and identity.

She continued her programs fearlessly and never bow down to any social and political pressure. An outcome was thatshe gained respect and love from the listeners. Shushma ji, by her Radio programs, tried to connect young and immigrants of Indian diaspora to their glorious cultural heritage.   By doing so, she has soared their Hindi consciousness and emotional unity, and strengthened the awareness of Indianness.

Inspired by the principle of “Vasudhaivkutumbkam” and “SarveBhavantuSukhinah” Shushma ji frequently hosts radio-thons to raise funds for community projects. She is the hope and inspiration of millions across the world.

The founding President Acharya Dwivedi and present President Harish Masand of Hindi Literary Society of Canada honored Shushma ji with the title “HINDI RATN” for her historic promotional work of Hindi. Deepa Sharma and Pushpa Sharma presented shawl to her. Shushma ji accepted with feeling of gratitude and love.