Sikh-Canadian Boy Makes Canada`s Top 15 Under 15


By Tim Johnson

Giving back, getting involved, and trying to make a difference, are traits that are both intrinsically Canadian and profoundly youthful.

The Canadian Family magazine searched for the nation`s top 15 kids  under the age of 15 – young people who are, in ways big and small, working for positive change in their families, schools and communities in order to create a better world.

The fifteen who were chosen include those who have clearly gone above and beyond in amazing ways, or are, through their various good deeds, doing their part.

Harnoor Singh Gill, 13, of Georgetown, Ontario made that distinguished list of Canada`s Top 15 Under 15.

Gill has been involved in a vast array of environmental causes since his Kindergarten years, including a green team at his school, two local  non-profits, a municipal subcomittee and campaigning for local Diwali celebrations to include tree­planting.

He is in Grade 8 at Stewarttown Middle School in Ontario, Canada, with Level 4 standing, participating in the Green Team, Concert band, Games Club, Focus Group and Intramurals for Sports.

Other extra-curricular activities include: Youth volunteer leader at Willow Park Ecology Centre, membership in the local Mayor’s Youth Action Committee in Halton Hills, Fundraising for the Milton Regional Spelling Bee, (raising $1000) and Flight Corporal in the 820 Chris Hadfield Squadron of Milton Air Cadets.

His interest in current affairs extends to such things as preventing the Acton quarry expansion in the Niagara Escarpment. He is involved with, P.O.W.E.R (Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources) which petitions against it, gathering 100 signatures. Authorities haven’t made a decision yet, and P.O.W.E.R is trying to stop this from happening.

Recent awards include the 2011 Youth Recognition Award from Halton Hills Mayor’s Youth Action Committee; 2011 Halton Regional Chair’s Environmental Award; 2011 Milton Regional Spelling Bee of Canada Intermediate Championship; Public Awareness Award with Certificate of Appreciation from the Children’s Aid Society and the Certificate of Recognition for the 2011 Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award (OCNA) among 107 volunteers by the Georgetown Independent and Free Press.

Courtesy: Canadian Living Magazine

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