Sikh Seniors Get The Shelter They Sought


SURREY – Sikh seniors from North Surrey Community Park go the shelter and or community room they sought from Surrey Council.

Ranjit Singh, spoke on behalf of the seniors, and said it would be used as space for the seniors and the community to gather and socialize, similar to the Bear Creek Park Pavilion.

Surrey has a large population of seniors who use community rooms as a hub of lively interaction and socializing among neighbours, residents and a place to play cards and gather with friends and interact with their grandchildren, primarily during daylight hours.   These community rooms are sometimes an integral part of a community’s social well-being and help encourage positive use of city parks.

This novel community room project is the first of its kind in North America with its innovative building design & structure, heating system, safety guards, BC building code, and it’s a made in Surrey solution which serves people in a way that meets their needs and works for everyone.

“I am proud to have been a part in developing and participating in this leading edge, creative project and process in our great city. We will work diligently to find ways to make this project the success I know it will be,” said councillor Tom Gill.