Sonia Gandhi Not Richer Than The Queen After Rich List Corrected!


WASHINGTON – SoCongress leader Sonia Gandhiis not richer than the Queenafter all. An American newswebsite has regretted the “confusion”caused by the inclusionof the name of Congress presidentSonia Gandhi from thelist of richest leaders of theworld and deleted it. Theremoval of the name occurredshortly after the Congressderided the website for the”absurd and ridiculous” item.”Our editors have been unableto verify the amount, removedthe link, and regret any confusion,”the Huffington post said,four days after it listed Gandhias the 12th richestworld leader puttingher asset toUSD 2 billion.“Sonia Gandhi andthe former emir ofQatar Hamid binKhalifa al-Thanihave been removedfrom this list,” the editor ofHuffington Post wrote on itswebsite last evening after thelist of the world’s richest leaderwas updated. “Gandhi was originallyincluded based on a listingon a third party site whichwas subsequently called intoquestion,” said the editor withoutgiving name of the thirdpartysite. Accordingto the website ofNational Electioncommission, SoniaGandhi has assetsworth 1.38 crore andneither owns a car norhas a house in India.But, she owns anancestral house in Italy, whichhas an estimated market valueof 18.05 lakh. The UPA chairpersonhas 75,000 in cash anddeposit of over 28.61 lakh inUCO bank, as per the affidavitfiled by her before the districtelectoral officer during the filingof nomination for the LokSabha election in 2009.