South Asian Man Arrested in Teen Prostitution Case


VANCOUVER – Vancouver Police have arrested a South Asian man in the human trafficking case of four teens. The investigation idubbed “Project Sabr” found that some of the girls were just 14-years-old  .

Reza Moazami, 27, now has 18 criminal charges against him related to a period between February 2009 and October 2011.

Sergeant Richard Aiken tells us he’s charged with living off the avails of prostitution and sexual exploitation, and this is only the second time the VPD has dealt with human trafficking. “This is the first one that we’ve had under the human trafficking criminal code charge to involve juvenile females.”

“They’ve shown a lot of courage talking to us; we have had to gain their trust,” Aiken explains.

He adds they’re now looking for other victims. “They are in care, let’s put it that way. In a situation like this, we are relying on friends, family, and other services.”

Moazami is scheduled to appear in Provincial Court on Nov. 21.

Investigators say they are still actively investigating the accused, and anyone with relevant information is asked to contact the VPD Vice Unit at [email protected] or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.