Tamil Nadu Parties Slam ‘Brutal Killing’ Of Prabhakaran’s Son


CHENNAI – Leaders of various political parties in Tamil Nadu strongly condemned the alleged cold-blooded killing of the 12-year-old son of slain LTTE chief V Prabhakaran, purportedly featured by UK-based Channel 4, and demanded action against the Sri Lankan government.

MDMK leader Vaiko demanded an international inquiry into the killing of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka and said the forthcoming UN Human Rights Council meeting at Geneva should take a decision on it.

The Sri Lankan army has dismissed as “lies, half-truths, rumours and numerous forms of speculation” the pictures featured in the Channel 4 documentary. Vaiko wondered why conscience of the people was not stirred even after witnessing “brutal killings” of ethnic Tamils by the Sri Lankan army.

PMK founder Ramadoss described the killing of Balachandran Prabakharan as “total brutality” by the Lankan army. Though there were several evidences of war crimes, countries like India did not act against Sri Lanka and gave a “red-carpet welcome” to its President Mahinda Rajapakse, he said. “After the present evidence (released by Channel 4), the Indian government should take political and economic steps against the Sri Lankan government,” Ramadoss said.

CPM state unit leader G Ramakrishnan and CPI leader D Pandian condemned the killing, saying the Lankan government is not ready for a probe in such matters.  “The Indian government should strongly approach the Sri Lankan government on this matter,” CPM said in a statement.