TARGETS: The Anti-Gang Storyline!


Some days go just right and people show up to play gangsters and drug pushers all in the name of ART and acting-filming and trying to make a difference in our current state of rising gang violence and killings. It’s that time in our anti-gang music video when shit hits the fan and during filming last Sunday – it literally did. I won’t go into that whole dirty business but it was a day of filming the Big Boss and the Targeted killings. We welcomed to the set my buddy and very good actor Dasaundha Kaler, who is Crazy Tony in my upcoming film Desi Angrej: The Fusion Generation. He’s my go to man when I need a Killer! Also welcoming on the set Roopa Cheema Ji – thanks to Ronnie Pannu, who brought her and himself to play the Big Boss even though he lost his father recently. As they say in Show business, the show must go on. And that’s true in life too. Also helping out was my dear friend Jasneet Singh and his wild Basanti of a 2005 Mustang car which he sold soon after (His first car in Canada will live on in our video forever). Also thanks to returning cast of Sammy Toora, Gurpreet Dhaliwal (Gopy D), Apar Gill, Pradeep Mahey, Bobby Mahey and many others who helped out including Kanupreeet Cheema, Haniel Glow, Samuel, Goldy and Nav. Always there lending a big hand with this project is Nanji Dhaliwal, Andrew Tran and his girlfriend Connie as well as a BiG Thanks to Ronnie Johal of Ultimate Limo and businesswoman and friend Shernjeet Gill. And to the Spirit of the Almighty always being there with us in this project!!