The Bling Ring (PG) * *


Facebook Generation Get Their Stealing Face On!


Crime pays.Or so they say. A group ofolder teens still in senior high learn thelesson of stealing in The Bling Ring.Based on true eventsin Los Angeles this EOne movie is nowon display at the Empire Studio 12,Colossus and Cineplex Odeon Theatresaround B.C.Pop culture is everywhere. Thanks to theinternet and the world wide web it’soften hard to keep a secret. Celebritiescourt the media and fanadoration.
Sometimes unwanted attentioncan lead to dire consequences. Agroup of enterprising teens with a questfor the good life decide to go on a stealingspree in this wildy flambouyantmovie. Fresh performances from all thelargely no-name leads captures the exhilirationof the act of stealing from thoseoh so rich stars. Young women can havea vexing effect on impressionable boys.Hot to trot Rebecca leads the pack withMarc her more than willing accomplice.
Both Katie Chang and Israel Broussarddo a good turn as this modern Bonnieand Clyde who manages to alude theauthorities for quite a while.Director Sophia Coppola has made a followingfor herself in recent years. WithThe Bling Ring you have a lively jumpy ifnot edgy score and a bunch of hot younggirls with a passion for excitement and aknack to enter homes uninvited.
Thereare so many break-ins in this film that itbecomes a bit burdensome. If you likehigh fashion and get off on seeing therich pay you may find The Bling Ring aguilty pleasure. Definitely for fashionfanatics.