The Rising Dynamic Duo Are Giving Their Clients Exclusive Access To Delta-Rise




DELTA – As the saying goes‘two are always better than one’and you won’t find a moredynamic duo than the realtorsManni Gill and Manny Boparai,whose expertise in selling allkind of real-estate on this sideof the river has landed them theplum new project, the first highriseto be built in the city ofDelta in over 30 years. DeltaRise will be located at the edgeof Surrey-Delta border on 80thand near Scott Road.The “Manni and Manny” teamwas approached by Delta Rise tomarket their unique style buildingon this side of the Fraserand the realtors found much tolike about the project to comeon aboard and confidentlyattach their names to the project.”We really liked their vision andthe way they were approachingthe project so it was an easydecision,” said Manny. “Beingthe first of its kind in such along time is attracting a lot oflocals but, as a savvy investorcan see, this is an excellentopportunity for investmentbecause there is nothing else inthe area that compares”.They are also a rare duo who arevery high on using technologyas an excellent marking toolwhich includes website, emailsand all forms of social media toget the condo, townhouse andhouse they’re selling out in frontof core, targeted crowd of buyers.Delta Rise is a distinctive highrise building which will have 37floors with 317 units priced veryreasonably. The living will beeasy in the impressive, generouslyproportioned rooms and thelarge side decks, which is a rarityin a project like this.While the general public getstheir hands on the Delta Riseunits on Nov. 30, sales havealready started for Manni andManny, who have exclusive marketingand sales for a number offloors.”Yes, sales havealready begun andthere is a lot of interestand they are sellingfast,” said Manni.He also said theirstrength lies in theirworking together,being there for theclient and complimentingeach other’sindividual strengthsin providing qualityservice and support.”With us, clients getmany benefits,including exclusivepriority access toreserve choice unitsand many goodies forthe buyers.”Those goodiesinclude priorityaccess, VIP event,and discount towardslegal fees. Manni andManny are also givingaway to their clients atrip for 2 to LasVegas!They are holding an exclusiveVIP Appreciation event on Nov.29 and urge interested buyers toRSVP!For further information and detailscall them @ 604-518-1414.