‘The vote was made within my moral and ethical boundaries’


The Surrey city councillor Rob Stutt at the centre of a conflict of interest regarding his vote to keep the RCMP in Surrey in a statement responded to the report filed by the Ethics Commissioner.
He released the following statement.
“I have been notified today of the Ethics Commissioner’s report concerning circumstances surrounding a conflict of interest.
I fully support the office of the Ethics Commissioner, in fact I campaigned on it. The commissioner has concluded that the perceived conflict of interest was removed with the transfer of my son out of the Surrey detachment months ago.
My son was actively seeking a transfer from Surrey Detachment, which is documented by the RCMP, well before the 2022 civic election. I believed this would alleviate any perception of conflict.
I have never tried to hide that my son has followed in my policing footsteps. I am extremely proud of the career paths that both of my children, aged 37 and 35 have chosen, but let me be clear when I say, it is their career path, and has no relevance on my moral compass. I remain committed to the public safety of the citizens of Surrey. That was the sole reason for my vote then and on June 15, a vote that was made within my moral and ethical boundaries.
Regardless, it is notable that the Commissioner also found that I acted at all times in good faith and with a view to fulfilling the promise I made to voters during the election about the policing transition and opted to make no recommendations for further action.
As we are all painfully aware, the vote in question back in December did not accomplish anything. It led to the Ministry reviewing the plan to remain with the RCMP and confirming the choice is the responsibility of Surrey Council. The relevant vote, made free of any perceived conflict of interest on June 19, 2023, confirmed a 6-3 decision to remain with the RCMP.
In the interim, the RCMP and SPS continue to provide effective public safety in Surrey.